Runway mountain biking

The map of the park

The map of the park.

There are many simple pleasures in life. One is being able to ride a mountain bike after work without having to travel miles to go riding.

The Auckland Mountain Bike Club along with the Auckland Airport set aside some land.

The riding is easy with flowing gravel tracks. The crew didn’t have steep gradients to work with but you can get your heart rate up over the roughly 3km course.

The course is a good little loop for spending an hour or so bashing out laps to work on fitness for faster riders or a really good learning area for riders new to mountain biking.

Who should ride here?

Beginners will find enough to keep them occupied.

Intermediate riders will not be challenged by the terrain but will find it useful training.

How to get there:

It is on Ansett Place which is behind the Warehouse building just off George Bolt Memorial Drive. There is plenty of parking but you will need to use one of the nearby shops or McDonalds should you require amenities.





Author: Christopher Baylis

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