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SOS Citrus flavour

SOS Citrus flavour

The hottest January on record* makes the perfect time to review a fresh new rehydration aid called SOS. New to New Zealand this fast-acting electrolyte replacement drink has been created to prevent and combat mild to moderate dehydration from active lifestyles.

Most cyclists use a range of products from water through to expensive carbohydrate drinks in their bottles while riding. It would be fair to say that afterwards most cyclists opt for coffee or water to deal with hydration issues.

SOS is offers another choice altogether and the manufacturer says, “SOS Rehydrate uses the right mix of electrolytes that will help your body maximize its ability to get more out of water – so you can better hydrate and stay hydrated longer.”

Following a hard ride or session on the trainer it is not uncommon for me to have a headache from dehydration despite drinking while riding. I sweat faster than I can take on liquid. I have found that SOS is really effective at getting rid of that headache and helping me feel normal again.

Drinkable IV drip

The makers of SOS also claim that this works as fast as an IV drip. According to SOS ‘The body’s normal (isotonic) osmolarity is 290mmol/L. From a rehydration perspective, the lower the osmolarity, the faster the body can absorb water. SOS osmolarity is 230mmol/L’. While I can’t substantiate that, I can say that I have had a good experience with the product and that it is definitely faster than rehydrating with water alone.

Sweet or salty

Be aware that while there is a small amount of sugar in the product – which is needed for the electrolytes to be taken up by the body – it is a salty drink, not sweet like powerade or similar drinks. SOS comes in either blueberry or citrus flavour. Citrus would be my pick.

If you often get dehydrated I suggest picking some up at your local bike shop. You can expect to pay around $12-14 for 5 sachets.

*or close to.

Author: Christopher Baylis

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