Fix a squeaky disc brake

If you have ever ridden in the forest and had a squeaky disc brake and wondered how to fix it, then this week’s quick tip video is for you.

We show you how to fix a squeaky disc brake from removal, repair and refitting your disc and brake pads.

Bed in the disc

In the video we do not cover bedding in the cleaned disc. But before you try to use the brake fully you need to re-bed it in. Do this by finding a safe but flat or slightly downhill area that you can get up to a decent pace. Go ahead and build up speed, drag the brake for five or six seconds to build heat and then increase lever pressure until the bike stops. Six or seven runs will have the brakes working perfectly.

Initially the brakes will feel awful, but by the last few runs it will be back to normal.

Author: Christopher Baylis

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