Castelli Endurance x2 bib shorts review

The Castelli Endurance X2 bib shorts are the most comfortable knicks I have worn to date. Made in Hungary, Castelli set out to produce shorts for long distance riding.

These shorts are perfect for just that and Castelli say the design process featured comfort front and centre. The shorts are made from Endurance Evolution fabric, there is the usual marketing speak in there but they wick away moisture and dry quickly. Having raced in these shorts in showers they do not cause rubbing and drying quickly was a real bonus.

The shorts have curved panels and breathable fabric etc. What matters is are they comfortable, do they sag or sit funny? Yes they are super comfortable and no they sit really nicely. They fit me well with a lean and long torso with no rubbing from the shoulder straps.

They are Italian sizing so depending on your shape you may need one size up. I found that my usual sizing was fine.

Brilliant Chamois_MG_1745

The Progetto X2 chamois has been used in many of their other products and is well tested. But to the uninitiated, it is a three-layered pad that has variable depths, 12mm in the centre out to 6mm on the edges.

It features a seamless top layer of bacteriostatic fabric that wicks moisture away impressively quickly and adapts to the shape of your body without any folds. The pad has a viscous comfort pad underneath which is perforated for greater breathability and helps to keep the pad cooler and dryer.


Not the cheapest short on the market but you get what you pay for with these very high quality and comfortable shorts that suit both short and long longer rides. They are perhaps suited to the warmer months as the lightweight fabric will be a little chilly in the depths of winter riding.

Author: Christopher Baylis

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