Masi Evoluzione Ultegra Di2 Review

The Masi Evoluzione Ultegra Di2 is the subject of today’s musings, but to start hands up who has heard of Masi? It would be fair to say Masi is not well-known in New Zealand, but they are loud, proud and rich in history. For those history buffs you can read about it here.

For those less interested in history, Masi bikes are backed with a sound knowledge of building race machines and come with a little Italian flair.

Why are they loud?

Masi Evoluzione Ultegra Di2

Masi Evoluzione Ultegra Di2

Have you seen the colour scheme for this year? In 2015 Masi has gone bright and colourful. The Evoluzione Ultegra Di2 looks great with its mix of white, reds, yellows and blues. Each of the available models ranging from the 105 equipped model up to the Dura Ace model all sport a different coat.

What’s in a name?

Now for those not Italian, the name means evolution. The model is a continuation of what Masi stands for and the wealth of bike building experience. The key characteristics of this bike are rigidity in a compliant and aero package. It is a fast full carbon frame that features their MC7 modulus design which blends three types of carbon for ride quality and comes well spec’d to make an awesome all day road cycle.


To start the Evoluzione has a frame that features the Masi ‘Total Overdrive System’ which is about ensuring that the flex is kept to a minimum through the drive system but it still provides maximum comfort. The MC7 frame soaks up the shock of riding across a manhole cover surprisingly well.

In terms of geometry this is not the full on performance end of the Masi line up which makes it ideal as a great all-purpose bike as it is well suited to climbing as it is fast flat criterion racing.


The Masi is stable at speed, even in the racing tuck which can get a little hair raising at speed depending on the bike. It was pleasing to say that I had more trust in the ability of the bike to hold a line in this position than I do my own rather twitchy machine.

But don’t think this makes it slow handling as this is not the case. Masi have done a great job of balancing the stability with good turn in. You will feel confident to really lean on the bike as you hit corners hard.

The kit

Shimano products are generally very good no matter the entry point. This machine runs Di2 which is awesome. Buttery smooth it features automatic trim adjustment so as you move up or down the cassette the front alignment will move to limit the tension on the chain.

Irrespective of the model you choose you will not be disappointed with the group set. Complementing the look are cranks from the Spanish company Rotor which are a nice addition to this setup.

Roll on

Fitted with Mercury S2 Clincher wheels this Masi feels fluid on the road. Made by a company based in the states, the rims are designed to accommodate the 700c x 25 Kenda’s perfectly. There is a trend toward the 25mm tyre which helps compliance with no real increase in rolling resistance.

In practice the wheel set with its Sapim spokes and sealed bearings are a nice wheel for the money. Sure there are lighter or deeper dish options, but you can fit whatever race wheels later. These wheels are a solid training option that are smooth and appear strong. The seat post and bars are alloy and do the job.


Have you seen the pictures? The bike is stunning and bright. Let’s be honest, half the reason you spend money on different bikes is how they look. This Masi has that covered. The rest comes in the form of a compliant and comfortable setup that for the money offers good value.

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It is retailing now for just under $5000 NZD. They are available nationwide.

Thank you to Hot Cycles for the test bike. Call in and see the lads to see what sort of deal they will do for you. They also have the full range on the floor including the 105 and Ultegra kitted models.




Author: Christopher Baylis

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