Volta Reflective Jacket Review

This week I took a look at the Volta Reflective Jacket to see if the hype is really to be believed. It is! It is not a cheap option but it will make you so much more visible to cars while riding at night.

The tech stuff

Volta has created a fully reflective jacket offering 100% reflective visibility by using the innovative Reflex fabric made in Europe by Schoeller® Swiss. They say that when light falls upon the jacket millions of minuscule glass spheres in the fabric reflect the light directly back along the same path as the oncoming beam to ensure you are clearly seen by the driver. They also claim it to be visible up to 100 metres in the dark.

It is windproof and water resistant with mesh underarm panels for increased ventilation, but to be honest this is not the jacket to keep you perfectly dry in a large downpour. It will keep you visible if it is dark while in the downpour…

I can’t speak for the visibility 100 metres away as this is hard to test. But from my use I can believe it will do as Volta claims.

The NZ RRP is $399.00 for the jacket.

See it in action


Author: Christopher Baylis

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