Cateye lights brighten your path

Lighting your way or flashing down the road so that cars can see you is the subject of today’s post. I recently took a look at three Cateye lights. The lights are the Cateye Nano Shot Plus, and the Rapid X2 front and rear lights.

Nano Shot Plus

Cateye Nano Shot Plus

Cateye Nano Shot Plus

The Nano Shot Plus is a massive beast that when on your handlebar will provide ample power to fully light your way home. It is seriously bright with a full power of 600 lumens. To put this into perspective most road lights top out at between 100 and 200 lumens. Cateye claim that you can see clearly 10m ahead of you with this light. While I did not measure the distance it is fair to say I would not want to be a car coming towards you and yes you can see around this distance. It is a solidly constructed light that is clearly designed to take a pounding.

The downsides of the light are:

  • Price is around $180.00
  • Runtime is between 1 and 2 hours on full brightness
  • It takes around 8 hours to full charge
  • As it has a large battery it is heavy

Major positive

  • It is well built and is seriously bright.
  • USB port is well protected.

The light is useful but I think there are other models available from Cateye and other brands that will offer slightly more run time for example the Volt 1200. It is bright and well built so will serve you well.

Rapid X2 front light

Cateye Rapid X2 Front light

Cateye Rapid X2 Front light

The Rapid X2 is a lightweight 100 lumen front light that offers good run time of around 30 hours on flash which is more than enough for most rides. It is very quick install and is the sort of light that just does what it says – keeps you visible and goes for a long time.

The pros:

  • It is bright
  • Well weather sealed
  • Quick to put on and take of the bike

The downsides:

  • If you want to mount it differently to along a handlebar or on a fork leg you will need to pick up extra mounting kits. See the video.

I think that Cateye have more useful lights in their range if mounting is an issue for you. Otherwise it is a good little front light.

Rapid X2 rear light

Cateye Rapid X2 Rear Light

Cateye Rapid X2 Rear Light

The Rapid x2 rear light is one of the brightest on the market at 50 lumens. The brighter the better is mostly my motto. With the USB charging point hidden on the back beneath the mounting rubber it is well sealed from the elements and offers great run time on flashing of around 30 hours. I didn’t test its run time fully but in testing I only charged it once for my use.

The package includes a rubber band and the mounting rubber which does limit your options as I explain in the quick video.


  • Good run time
  • Very bright
  • Good weather sealing


  • Limited mounting options

Author: Christopher Baylis

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