Cycling saves the health service

In New Zealand health professionals are grappling with the burgeoning waistline of the average man, women and child. As a society we are already ahead of Australia, the UK and Canada which begs the question is there anything that can be done?

Given this is a cycling focussed site, you might suspect that the answer is yes. A news report released recently says cycling helps the health service with massive savings.

In the UK Cyclescheme have produced a report that suggests the national health service will save a whopping £2.5 billion and that the economy will be better off to the tune of £830 million by 2025 if their current trends in cycle commuting culture continue.

Far greater savings are also well within the realms of possibility according to the Cycle to Work scheme provider’s figures which suggest 27% of the population are prospective first-time commuters.

The full new write up can be found on

Would it work here?

There are people who think so and are working to encourage infrastructure and culture changes to make it easier to cycle to where you need to be.

If you are interested in finding out what local groups are doing to help promote cycling in your area head over the Cycle Action Network.

Author: Christopher Baylis

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