Bikes vs Cars

Bikes vs Cars Around the World is a film made by Fredrik Gertten a Swedish documentary-maker. The film premiered around the start of April at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Since then, the film has been shown around the world and there are more festivals being being announced every day. Gertten says, “It has meant so much to us to see what an interest there is in the film from people all over the globe.” But it has yet to make it to New Zealand. Perhaps we can get to see it some time soon.

SXSW Bike Hugger Meet-Up before our world premiere. photo cred: Bike Hugger

SXSW Bike Hugger Meet-Up before the world premiere. photo cred: Bike Hugger

What the Guardian says

In the mean time it is worth reading a great Guardian article on this very film.

“Car dependency,” Gertten says, “is a disease for society. If you’re dependent on having a car every day, you have lost your freedom. It’s very sad. Most people are unhappy in traffic. The people who bike their cities, they become city-lovers. When you’re in a car, you don’t see the city, you are only watching the road. On a bike, you can see the sky, you can see the trees. People get to know their countries in a different way.”

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Author: Christopher Baylis

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