Delving beyond cycle safety

In an excellent blog post written by Bez in the UK he responded to a few questions asked on the BBC’s You and Yours programme, “Do you think it’s time to ask cyclists to take a test before they’re allowed on the the roads? Should they have insurance like everyone else?” You could say the point of the discussion was around cycle safety but it incited the usual rants from both sides.

Bez, decided to explore some of the points with a reasoned and very readable article that is relevant here in the antipodes as well. The same arguments and similar points get raised.

Yet this well-worn phrase, “just like everyone else”, neatly overlooks an uncomfortable truth: There are a lot of people already out there, in cars and ignoring the law, who aren’t “just like everyone else”. The whole idea of “everyone else” presupposes that everyone else is law-abiding and responsible, and that the systems in place to make them so work perfectly.

I encourage you to head on and read the full text, it is worth your time.

Author: Christopher Baylis

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