About Us

Cyclelane.bike aims to be NZ’s foremost blog to:

  • help people new to cycling learn more about their chosen mode of transport, exercise or passion
  • provide interested cyclists with tips on getting the most of their steed
  • to inspire cyclists, road and dirt, from all walks of life to become better and more knowledgeable riders..

What we focus on

We will over time focus on all disciplines of cycling, but initially the main content will be on road cycling. Our content ranges from travel, to help you discover New Zealand by bike, through to tech and gear reviews, or videos to help you maintain your bike, nutrition tips and articles covering the science of cycling through to road safety.

Who is Cyclelane.bike

Cyclelane.bike was founded in September 2014 by Chris Baylis who returned from Melbourne 2013.

We are looking for contributors and content. If you would like to join the team contact editorial@cyclelane.bike.

Why the site started

New Zealand has many wonderful places to ride, and this site started as a way for Chris to rediscover his homeland after many years away and share a passion. Join us to get excited about cycling in Aotearoa.